All designs done through AKT. Character branding and aesthetic for New Media creator Thomas Sanders's four "Sanders Sides" personalities: Logic, Creativity, Morality, and Anxiety. You can find his merchandise for sale here.

The four Sanders Sides: Logic, Creativity, Morality, Anxiety.

Closeup of Logic with accompanying pattern.

Closeup of Creativity with accompanying pattern (previously known as "Princey").

Closeup of Morality with accompanying pattern.

Closeup of Anxiety with accompanying pattern.

Each character has his own line of unique products. Below is part of the product line for Anxiety featuring custom garments created in factories overseas.

Custom zipup hoodie featuring a pattern I made specifically for the character Anxiety. This item features a custom zipper pull in the shape of the Anxiety cloud icon, an embroidered icon patch on the left breast, and lace clamps with "Thomas Sanders" pressed into them. This is currently in production as of the time of this writing.

Closeup of plaid pattern.

A pocket tee with a custom pattern for the pocket and inside the sleeves.

Embroidered snapback with custom brim featuring Anxiety's plaid pattern.

"Ugly Christmas sweater" for Anxiety. Hundreds of units have pre-sold already.

Accessories for all characters: die-cut stickers, buttons, and enamel pins.