My design career began over 15 years ago, working overnight production at Kinko's. It was there that I learned a quality design yields a quality product. And also, the vital importance of a bleed area. At home, I began tinkering around with a Wacom tablet and Photoshop, teaching myself digital illustration.
From there, I moved on to do color separation for a small local screen-printing shop called Merchspin, owned by AKT. Over a span of just a few years, AKT quickly grew into a staple of the entertainment merchandising industry with child companies such as District Lines (full-service e-commerce and fulfillment), Ticketspin (web-based events ticketing), Playlist Live (a semi-annual event bringing together various new media content creators together with over 10,000 of their fans), and more. Inevitably, my skills have grown to satisfy the needs of a burgeoning company.
Among these are:
Brand Development and Management
Creative Direction and Art Coordination
Product Line Development
Apparel Decoration Design
Custom Apparel and Accessories Design for Domestic and Overseas Manufacturing
Events Theming
Packaging Design
Social Media Marketing
E-Commerce Design and Administration
During a two-year hiatus from AKT beginning in 2012, I discovered a love for shoe design. I began an apprenticeship with veteran shoe designer Mark Schwartz and soon became his assistant. Since working with Mark, I have rendered thousands of shoes, hundreds of which have been produced in high-end factories in Italy and China.
I continue working with AKT and Mark Schwartz to this day.