Branding for seasonless shoe company Rich Infamous, whose product line focuses heavily on cruise wear. They wanted to keep to a high-end sailing theme, complete with their own standard.

Primary logo for use in web and paper printed applications. This would rarely be used for apparel and accessories decoration.

These are the logo variants designed for apparel and accessories decoration in order to keep the color count down to a minimum. I chose Constantia Bold for the font to make sure the serifs would not be lost in whatever application the logos would be used for.

This is the standard for the brand, primarily used for labeling the insole. It is intended to be woven or embroidered only. There is no reduced color alternative.

The brand's color palette shows all the colors of the standard including leather call-outs. English Lavender is the brand's most recognized color.

Conceptual mock. Original photo by Daniela Cuevas.